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Gift packages are a great way to send gifts that keep on giving. From a food gift bundle to celebrate a milestone birthday or a holiday, a care package to give a loved one a moment of peace, to a beauty and wellness kit to make their day more comfortable, there’s something for everyone on your list. And the best part is that most come in a reusable container, like a tin or basket that can be used again and again.

The most common gift boxes are food-based and include snacks, candy and chocolates, teas, cookies, artisanal breads, cheeses and wines. But a few innovative retailers offer gifts that are more creative, such as a savory and sweet bundle or a cocktail kit for an at-home bar. These bundles can also be a wonderful way to introduce new flavors or brands to someone who might not have had the opportunity to try them on their own.

Unlike some gift boxes, these bundles are made by the companies that produce and sell the individual items in them. This means you can feel confident that the items are high-quality and the price is right. Plus, you can rest assured that you’re supporting a small business when you buy a product from one of these companies.

While most gift baskets are a bit of an impulse buy, they’re ideal for making someone’s day. The biggest advantage of gift baskets is that they’re a great way to surprise someone with several small gifts at once, rather than buying them individually.

Another great advantage is that they’re often easy to ship. Most companies have their own delivery services and offer tracking numbers to provide a peace of mind for the recipient. Additionally, most of the items in these gift sets are made by smaller businesses, which makes them a more environmentally responsible option.

For the friend with a major sugar craving, this gift set from Milk Bar nestles truffles, cookies and a pie slice inside a tin. You can also order the same product to send as a birthday gift.

Give the gift of relaxation with this spa-themed care package that includes a bath ritual set from Herbivore Botanicals and monogrammed soap and towels from Williams Sonoma. Or, encourage them to flex their brain muscles with this puzzle-box subscription that features a collection of ciphers and other puzzles to help them unwind.