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wall xmas lights

Achieving a festive, holiday-friendly lighting display requires the right tools and knowledge. Getting savvy about hanging lights helps ensure that you achieve the look you want, and that your displays are energy-efficient and safe to use. Read on for tips on calculating how many lights per strand you need for your project and other essential details about wall xmas lights.

The first step in hanging outdoor Christmas lights is to carefully measure the areas where you plan to hang them. Taking one-time measurements will help you avoid the frustration of finishing a strand and then realizing that it doesn’t reach the area where you wanted it to. This method also makes it easier to evaluate the amount of exterior-grade extension cords you’ll need.

Next, decide what kind of lights you want to use. The type of bulbs, as well as the strand length, will have a significant impact on the look of your display. Considerations like how much color you’d like to add, whether you prefer a more traditional or contemporary look, and the number of lights you want per strand are important to take into account. You’ll also need to evaluate the power situation, including how many outlets you’ll need and whether your yard has a suitable outlet location.

Once you’ve settled on the basics of your light design, you can get started putting them up. Before you start, though, it’s wise to review the manufacturer’s directions for proper installation. Some manufacturers’ recommendations are more specific than others, and it can be easy to misread the instructions or to accidentally cut or connect a wire in the wrong place.

If you’re using LED lights, be sure to purchase a good quality set. LEDs use far less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs, and they’re designed to last for years. Purchasing a set that comes with a warranty from an established brand can help protect your investment.

To get the most out of your LED lights, it’s important to follow the manufacturer’s recommendation for how long to leave them plugged in each day. Leaving them on for too long can overwork the circuits and lead to damage, so limiting the time you leave them plugged in will help extend the life of your lights.

Finally, be sure to store your Christmas lights properly to prevent them from being chewed or tangled by rodents or other pests. Keeping your lights in a sealed bin or container with a lid will keep them from being crushed or getting wet, which can cause the bulbs to burn out. Wrapping each set of lights around a piece of cardboard is another safe way to store them and help ensure that they aren’t chewed or tangled.