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How the Bocci 28.11 Pendant Light is Made

bocci 2811

The Bocci 28.11 multi-light pendant light is one of the best-selling pieces of the company’s 28-series. The company is based in Israel and produces a wide range of lighting products. Here’s how the 28 series is manufactured. A detailed explanation of the process is available in the Bocci website.

Omer Arbel

Bocci is a lighting design studio based in Berlin and Vancouver. The company was founded in 2005 by Omer Arbel. The company focuses on exploring the relationship between objects and spaces. The company has exhibited at the Monte Clark Gallery and Spazio Rossana Orlandi.

The 28 Series is made of handmade glass spheres and offers extraordinary beauty and personality. Bocci’s 28 Series Multi-Light Pendant Lights are designed by Omer Arbel and created through a novel fabrication process that manipulates air flow. Each piece is formally different and features a satellite-like interior landscape framed by an opaque milk glass diffuser.

Omer Arbel’s lighting company

Omer Arbel’s lighting company has unveiled the new 100 Series Multi-Light Pendant Light Collection. Made in Canada, the collection features a wide variety of multi-light pendants that spread comfortable and warm lighting throughout the room. These multi-light pendants are available in clear and plated glass.

The 28 Series Multi-Light Pendant Lights are created using an innovative glass blowing technique developed by Omer Arbel. This technique creates a distorted spherical form by introducing and releasing air pressure from a heated glass matrix. The resulting glass spheres have an opaque milk-glass inner shape and a low-voltage xenon bulb. Moreover, the 28 Series Multi-Light Pendant Lights have a customizable canopy, which varies from a square to a round or rectangular shape.

Bocci is a design and manufacturing company founded by Omer Arbel in 2005. The company is committed to a relationship between design and craftsmanship. The brand’s debut product, the ’14’, quickly became a design classic and remains an all-time bestseller. The company’s in-house manufacturing processes mean that each of their designs is created under the strictest of quality control.

Bocci 28 Series Multi-Light Pendant Lights by Omer Arbel

The Bocci 28 Series Multi-Light Pendant Lamps by Omer Arbel feature a unique glass-blowing technique, resulting in distorted spherical shapes. Each of these lamps contains a low voltage xenon bulb, and is available in various colors and sizes. They also have customizable overall heights, as well as rectangular or square canopies.

Bocci is a lighting design company based in Vancouver, Canada and Berlin, Germany. Omer Arbel is the creative director of this company, which is dedicated to creating beautiful lighting. The company’s designs are inspired by the relationship between objects and spaces.

The company was founded in 2005 by Omer Arbel, a Canadian architect, artist, and entrepreneur. Since then, Bocci has carved a unique niche in the world of lighting design. Arbel has a passion for architecture and design products and uses that passion in his work.

Installation instructions

Bocci is a company that specializes in bespoke design, glass and materials. With its own glass factory in Berlin, Bocci focuses on emotional contemporary design, while attaching great importance to technical innovation and complexity. Bocci lamp designs feature higher durability and fewer failure rates than conventional light sources.