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How to Choose the Right Table Lamp

table lamp 57cm

There’s something about a table lamp that makes it perfect for almost any home. They add a touch of sophistication to a room and can be placed in many different areas, whether that’s a living room, bedroom, or office space. The right lamp can make a big difference in how your home looks and feels, so it’s important to know how to choose the best one for you.

The Size of the End Table & Lamp

It’s always important to consider the overall scale of your home when selecting the right furniture, but it’s especially crucial with lamps and end tables. There are some simple rules to follow to ensure that your new end table and lamp will fit in with the rest of the room.

The combined height of your end table and lamp should match the average floor lamp. Generally, the height of a floor lamp is around 58 to 64 inches, so you want to find an end table and lamp that will match that size.

A common mistake that people make is to not account for the width of a lampshade when measuring its overall length. This can lead to an end table and lamp that are too tall or too small for the room.

Another rule to remember is that a lamp should be the same height as your couch, sofa or bed. In addition, a lampshade should be within your eyeline when you’re sitting on the couch or bed it is next to.

The Dimness Level of the End Table & Lamp

Choosing the correct dimming level for your end table and lamp is essential to maintaining a pleasant mood in your home. Some lamps can be too bright and can overpower a room, while others can be too dim and may feel harsh on your eyes. The Dimming Level on this lamp is adjustable to three levels, so you can choose the perfect brightness for you.

The dimming feature is ideal for anyone with kids or light sleepers in the home, as flipping a switch can sometimes wake them up when it’s too bright. The dimming feature also helps to save energy, as it only uses the light you need when it’s on.