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chandelier 3d model

A chandelier (also girandole, candelabra lamp, or least commonly suspended lights) is a type of light fixture. They are usually shaped like a sphere and often feature a candelabra-style bulb, although modern designs also use fluorescent lamps or LEDs. A chandelier may be mounted on the ceiling, as a freestanding piece or on a wall. The most common chandeliers are made from glass, metal or wood. The design of a chandelier can be complex and ornamental, but can also be simple and clean. Chandeliers can be a focal point of the interior, or a decorative accent in an otherwise plain space.

Designed by Michael Anastassiades, this 3d model was first launched in 2008 as Mobile Chandelier 1. This version of the mobile chandelier is a natural evolution of the series and further explores a language of curves while remaining disciplined.