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vertigo pendant light diy

Designed by Constance Guisset, Vertigo Pendant is a unique design that brings a light touch to your interior. Its organic shape is perfect for modern kitchens and stylish living rooms. It casts an array of shadows on walls, creating an intimate atmosphere in the room.

Its shape has an elegant hat-like appearance that is reminiscent of a lady’s hat. It also has an airy design that creates a soft and mysterious sense in the interior. You can buy a replica of this beautiful light for your home. It is made from glass fibres and polyurethane. It is available in different sizes and colors.

The best thing about this type of lamp is that it is very light. It can be used to decorate a variety of indoor spaces, including a hotel lobby. It can be placed in smaller rooms, such as the bedroom, but it can also be used in a larger room, such as the dining room.

The Vertigo from Petite Friture is a large and elegant pendant lamp. It has a long frame of two meters and weighs 500 grams. The bulb is positioned in the middle of the frame. It has a black canopy and a black cable. The lamp has an E27 bulb with a maximum of 15 Watts.

The vertigo hanglamp replica has an elegant and airy look that makes people feel special. It also gives a mystical and romantic feeling to the interior. It is a very trendy decoration for your room. It is also a great choice for classic and contemporary interiors.

The original Vertigo light has a sleek, curved shape with an E27 bulb that can reach a maximum of 15 Watts. It is designed to sway in soft breezes, enabling it to illuminate the areas where you need the most light. The light creates a dreamlike wonderland. It is also very flexible. It can be shaped and moved to fit any room.

The vertigo pendant light is one of the best-selling products of the French company Petite Friture. It has been included in prestigious permanent collections. It is also the perfect light for modern kitchens. It is also a popular product in Europe. It received a public award in 2006 at Villa Noailles.

Choosing the right size is important when purchasing the vertigo pendant light. The largest size is the Vertigo, which is 200 cm in diameter. You can choose from a wide range of other sizes to meet your lighting needs. It is also a good choice for public spaces. It can be placed in a hotel lobby and it is suitable for large rooms.

The vertigo pendant light is available in a range of colors. You can buy a white, reddish-brown, or black one. These colors are ideal for the modern kitchen or stylish living rooms.

The simiglighting website offers a replica of this beautiful light. It has a round design with a diameter of 80 cm and is sold at a discounted price. The materials used are the same as the original. This means that it has the same look, feel, and quality. It is made of metal, glass, and polyurethane.