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Marcel Wanders’ Sky Garden Lamp Replica

sky garden lamp

Sky garden lamp is a light that is designed by Marcel Wanders. It is a simple, but exquisite lighting piece. It is inspired by an antique ceiling decorated with plaster. It features a cast plaster diffuser painted white, which provides diffused light.

The pendant is available in a variety of finishes. It features a sculpted interior and a hemispherical cast plaster diffuser. It also has a stainless steel dome. It is perfect for restaurants, cafes, and hotels. It is also available as a recessed ceiling lamp. The sky garden lamp replica is available in three different sizes. The small size is a great option for illuminating an indoor space. Alternatively, the large size can provide a full interior illumination.

It can be used as a kitchen light, living room lighting, or even in a restaurant. It is also available in an LED version. The clear version will add striking colors to an indoor environment. You can customize the design to fit your own personal preferences. Moreover, the Skygarden pendant light comes in six different colors. You can choose a color that complements your home’s theme. It also includes a range of finishes to make it stand out in any room.

The design of the Skygarden pendant is inspired by an antique decorative ceiling. The white plaster floral decoration recalls the ceiling of a noble palace. The light bulb cover is made with a pattern that is designed by Marcel Wanders. It reflects the light from the recessed ceiling lamp, providing a harmonious natural scene.

The Skygarden pendant lights are ideal for restaurants, cafes, and hotels. They feature an elegant appearance that draws the attention of anyone who sees them. They can be used over a dining table or for zone lighting. The Flos Skygarden suspension light is mainly made of glass, metal, and plaster. It is available in a range of colors, including black, gold, and white.

The Skygarden lamp is designed by Marcel Wanders, who is a famous Dutch designer. He once lived in a house with an ornate plaster ceiling. He loved this ceiling and wanted to bring it with him when he moved. When he designed a pendant lamp for Flos, he took his inspiration from the ceiling and created a design that is unique and extraordinary.

The Flos Skygarden lamp is available in a variety of colors, including gold, matte black, and brown. The colors help to create a range of different indoor environments. This light can also be hung together to create a group of lights. It can be mounted on the ceiling, or you can hang it on a wall. The hanging lamp is perfect for restaurants and hotels.

The Flos Skygarden recessed ceiling lamp is a further development of the Wanders pendant. It is a perfect choice for upscale residential applications. It is offered with a 12V halogen lamp and is available in a variety of finishes. Besides, it has a hemispherical design and an aluminium bracket. It also has a mounting depth of 22 cm. The recessed ceiling lamp is a great choice for hallways and other compact spaces.