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Kitchen Queen Cookware – Specially Engineered For Safety and Efficiency

kitchen queen cookware

kitchen queen cookware is specially engineered for safety and efficiency in your kitchen. The patented MultiCore construction of this stainless steel cookware allows low cooking temperatures and uses minimal water to preserve valuable vitamins, minerals and flavor that is lost by overcooking foods.

Lifetime Warranty

Quality constructed cookware to provide years of satisfied use. Each cookware piece is made of high quality materials and thoughtfully designed for superior performance, versatility and beauty. The MC2000 construction features five layers of metal merged together to create outstanding cookware with superior performance and energy efficiency. This multi-core construction absorbs heat smoothly and quickly, spreading it evenly across the bottom of the pan and up its sidewalls to cook foods naturally in a complete circle of heat. The aluminum base plate is covered with a sheet of durable, long-lasting stainless steel to protect and enhance the appearance of the stainless steel utensils. This combination of materials and design provides maximum energy efficiency for a complete cooking management system.