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How Much Furniture in Trees Animal Crossing Can You Get From Shaking a Tree?

how much furniture in trees animal crossing

A big part of the fun in the Animal Crossing series is collecting all of the neat things you can use to decorate your home. Whether that’s furniture, fish, bugs, or other unique items, there’s something about finding that perfect new piece to add to your collection that just makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. And while many of the items you can find in the game’s catalog, at Nook’s Cranny, or from villagers, others are less common — and sometimes even harder to come by.

One such type of item is tree furniture, which can be found in various ways in the game. Some trees grow the furniture as normal, such as the pier furniture or the pineapple pillow, while other trees will randomly drop pieces when shaken. It’s important to know how much furniture in trees animal crossing you can expect to get from shaking a tree, because the reward can be wildly different depending on how lucky you are.

The best place to start looking for furniture is in the trees that are already on your island. The Hardwood and Cedar trees that don’t produce fruit can be shaken to dislodge a variety of things, including money, branches, wasp’s nests, and (of course) furniture items. You can receive up to two furniture drops per day from these trees, but the items you get will be random.

Other types of trees can also drop furniture, though they’re more likely to dislodge other kinds of rewards, such as a bag of bells or a branch. In addition, some of the furniture that can be crafted at the DIY Workbench — which can be found by talking to Sable every day — will occasionally appear in the trees around town. This includes the snazzy floor sign and katana, as well as the tree-shaped table and chair that can be used in the kitchen.