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lamp pull cord

A lamp pull cord is used to operate a light fixture without a wired light switch. These cords are commonly used in homes and can be easily repaired. Here are a few tips for using them properly. You should always keep the cords wrapped around the base of the fixture and tightly tied to prevent them from slipping out.

Light fixture without a wired light switch

If you are looking to install a new light fixture in your home, you will need to check local building codes. This can be an important step, especially if you are working with an old house that has outdated wiring. Besides, newer light fixtures tend to draw more power and generate more heat in their wires, and your current wiring may not be able to handle the newer fixtures. As a result, you will want to consult with a professional electrician before doing anything with the wiring. You do not want to risk electrical shocks, fire hazards, or even a burned bulb.

To get the correct connections, you need to follow the instructions on the box and use the correct size of wire connectors. For example, if the switch is a 3-way switch, make sure the black wire is the live one, and the white wire is the traveler. The stranded wire should be separated by at least 1/8 inch from the solid wire. This prevents the stranded wire from clogging the connector threads and making it difficult for it to get a tight grip.

Commonly used in homes

There are a few different types of plugs that can be used for a lamp. One type is a round-body plug that has two prongs. Another type is a flat-body plug with a clamp style. Both plugs are made of several different components. To begin, the plug is made of an outer metal shell with an insulating sleeve. It also includes a threaded socket with a switch and two screw terminals.

A lamp pull cord comes in a variety of colors. Choose a cord color that complements your lamp stand and the wall that holds the receptacle. You can also choose a cord length that fits your needs. Generally, lamp cords are six feet long, but you can order a custom length if necessary.


If your lamp pull cord is broken or frayed, you may want to consider replacing it. The repair is simple and you can purchase a new one at any hardware store. These parts are generally standard and can be purchased by the foot. They also work with any type of plug. The replacement cord should fit the lamp socket.

Most lamps have similar electrical components. The switch and the pull-chain are usually integrated into the socket, so they can easily be replaced if the switch fails. The repair should take only a few minutes. If the repair doesn’t solve the problem, you may have to replace the entire socket. In some cases, you will have to replace the switch in the socket.

Once you have removed the socket shell, you should be able to easily remove the socket base. However, you should be careful when removing the socket base because it can be stubborn and can cause the lamp body to separate. To remove the socket base, you’ll need pliers to unscrew it from the threaded tube. When you’re finished, reattach the socket base and the lamp body.