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luminaire maison du monde

Maisons du Monde has an extensive selection of lampadaires that not only provide light, but also add a touch of design. They have a variety of shapes and sizes, as well as a wide range of prices to match any budget. You can use these fixtures as the focal point of your decor, or as a secondary decoration element. Among the many designs available are abat-jour lamps with three wooden legs.


If you are looking for a beautiful, original lighting fixture, Tinley is the one for you. This light fixture is made of five metal luminaires mounted in a wooden caisson. Its black metal structure makes it ideal for vintage interiors. Its curvaceous shape is complemented by metal details.

The light’s unique shape is inspired by movie-screen projectors. Its black metal finish and trepied en manguier construction will complement any interior, whether it’s industrial or contemporary. The lamp also has adjustable foot and abat-jour settings, so you can customize the brightness to suit your needs.


The Phanona luminaire Maison du monde offers a unique style and will add a touch of femininity to your decor. The lamp is composed of five luminaires and has a black metal structure for a vintage look. It can be positioned in the entryway or above a commode for a depaysing effect.

This lamp comes with an abat-jour, or metal plate, and is supported by a metal foot. Its style is reminiscent of cinema plateaux and will complement many styles of interior decorating. The Phanona can be easily moved or replaced if necessary.


Designed to evoke the aesthetics of a movie projector, Mimizan’s Mimizan lamp is a striking piece of lighting. The lamp features a cylindrical body with intersecting lines. The lamp is supported by a metal foot and is a great addition to a modern or industrial d├ęcor. With its adjustable foot and abat-jour, it can be used to provide just the right amount of illumination in any room.

Featuring a curved body made from trepied en manguier and a black metal shade, the Mimizan lamp is the perfect complement to a modern, industrial, or vintage interior. The lamp is also a great choice for a table or nightstand.


The Malone luminaire from Maisons du Monde has a beautiful artisanal spirit and is suitable for any interior. The crystal pampilles and geometric luster make this luminaire hypnotic and will add a touch of chic to any interior. It is ideal for elevating a piece of furniture or a large entryway.

Its unique shape and design are suitable for contemporary, minimalist and vintage interiors. It matches well with rich colors and velours furnishings.


The sphere luminaire has a distinctive and stylish design. Its spherical abat-jour in chrome and white PVC globe add contemporary flair to a classic piece of furniture. It can be mounted above a dining table or in the reception area. Its design is suitable for both modern and traditional interiors.

The original and vintage style of this lamp is perfect for industrial and contemporary decor. The trepied base and adjustable foot allow the user to adjust its brightness. Its organic lines, which mimic those of movie screens, provide a striking visual accent for the room.


For a more industrial look, opt for the H130 ANVERS luminaire. Its metal foot and five branches make it a perfect choice for large rooms. The trepied branches can be adjusted to provide an optimum level of light. Its black metal structure will go well with an industrial or metallique interior.

The Anvers luminaire comes in a variety of styles, such as industrial, retro and modern. The lamp’s metal gray and steel finish will match any interior decor, and it is also adjustable for optimal comfort. It has an adjustable foot and abat-jour that allow the light to be directed to the desired area.


Solange is a contemporary lamp by Maison du Monde. Its soft and subtle glow can transform a room into a relaxing sanctuary. It can be used in the bedroom or the living room and is compatible with natural materials and warm colors. In order to give your home a chic and elegant touch, pair it with the lustre Cloud.

Sculpted details and aged effect give SOLANGE luminaire a vintage style. It goes well with taupe colored fabrics and wood armoires.