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How to Test For Exposed Wires in a Vintage George Nelson Bubble Lamp

vintage george nelson bubble lamp

When buying a vintage George Nelson Bubble Lamp, make sure you find out exactly what type it is. Nelson bubble lamps come in several styles, such as pear and ball styles. You’ll also want to look for exposed wires. Read on to learn how to test for exposed wires in vintage George Nelson bubble lamps.

Saucer criss-cross nelson bubble lamp

The Saucer Criss-cross Nelson Bubble Lamp by Hay Lighting is a harmonious amalgamation of curvilinear and angular design. This unique pendant light is part of the larger Bubble Lamp collection, designed by George Nelson in 1952. Inspired by the hanging Swedish lamps, George Nelson created a collection that fuses both curvilinear and angular forms.

The Nelson Saucer Criss-Cross Bubble Pendant is an elegant, crisscrossing pendant that uses a brushed nickel finish on the canopy and steel wire frame. These lights feature a soft, warm glow and can be used in many different settings. George Nelson was one of the first designers to design bubble lamps, and he was inspired by hanging lamps from Sweden. The George Nelson Bubble Lamps were a revolutionary design, and Nelson is considered to be one of the founding fathers of American Modernism. A trained architect, he was an expert in many different design disciplines.

Nelson pear nelson bubble lamp

George Nelson, designer of the Nelson Bubble Lamp collection, drew inspiration from the silk covered lamps in Sweden for this small, delicate pendant light. In 1952, he began creating his first Bubble Lamp collection. Using a variety of textures, colors, and shapes, Nelson quickly created a collection that continues to be a favorite today.

Nelson created his first prototype in two days. Combining steel wires and perforated rings, he constructed a spherical frame that retained its shape under tension. The method also required minimal tools, and no welding costs. The resulting piece was coated with a resinous lacquer and protected with a final coat of plastic. Nelson soon began to expand his portfolio to include lighting installations and a line of lighting fixtures.

Nelson ball nelson bubble lamp

A streamlined amalgamation of curvilinear lines and angular shapes, Hay Lighting’s Nelson Ball Crisscross Bubble pendant light embodies a simple, yet striking, aesthetic. Part of the company’s extensive Bubble Lamp collection, the Nelson Ball was designed by George Nelson in 1952. The American designer took inspiration from the floating lamps he saw in museums in Sweden, and developed a pendant light that resembles the shape of a bubble.

This classic lamp is now part of the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York. Made from polymer, it has a brushed or painted metal frame and a white PVC isolation. Its six-foot cord attaches to a ceiling plate. The Nelson Ball Bubble Lamp is also available in pendant and sconce versions.

Test for exposed wires in a vintage george nelson bubble lamp

If you’ve purchased a vintage George Nelson bubble lamp, there may be wires visible on the base. If so, you need to check them out to make sure the lamp doesn’t contain any dangerous wires. The first step is to remove the shade from the lamp. You may be able to see if the bulb is exposed. This will give you the option to fix or replace the bulb.

Next, slide the lamp assembly back into its shell. Use a headless set screw or grub screw to secure it. When screwing back in, make sure the bulb is at the proper height. Then, use a tester to check for exposed wires.